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What are the Dragon1 Architecture Products?

Architecture products are the results or deliverables of activities in working processes.

Why do architects work with Architecture Products?

Delivering your working in standardized or defined architecture products, makes it easier for other people to understand and use what you have been making. Also people are more replacable if standardized architecture products are used.

An overview of the Dragon1 Architecture Products


In this diagram one sees that for every architecture process there is a set of product defined.

The Dragon1 suggests the following architecture products to be made:

Process: Architecture Startup & Initiation - products

Product: Architecture Design

  • 1. Design book
  • 2. Sketch book
  • 3. Architecture Principles document
  • 4. Cartoon booklet Architecture Principles - Sketches and Drawings of the top 10 architecture principles linked to strategic starting points and business goals.

Process: Architecture Governance and Management Products

Examples of application of Dragon1 Architecture Products

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