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What are the Dragon1 Architecture Visualizations ?


Why do architects work with Architecture Visualizations ?

An overview of the Dragon1 Architecture Visualizations


  • TO BE Enterprise Model (model)
  • Architecture Vision of the future Enterprise (view)
  • Sketch of a Total Concept (visualization)
  • Design Sketch of a Total Concept (view)

Architecture Visualization Layers

In Dragon1 we define 7 common layer as reference model in an visualization:

  1. 1st backgroundlayer - spheric image
  2. 2nd backgroundlayer - context - environment ring
  3. 1st middle grond layer - subject-systems and domains in the context/environment
  4. 2nd middle grond layer - subject-subsystemes and subdomains
  5. 1st foreground grond layer - elements, components and object that form the eyecatchers and the way they collaborate
  6. 2nd foreground grond layer - progress & status
  7. 3rd forground grond layer - annotations

Examples of application of Dragon1 Architecture Visualizations

About Reviewing Architecture Visualizations

Dragon1 Architecture Review

See Also

Wat is the difference between Views and Visualizations?

If the name of a visualizations or view holds a verb it is in fact a view, else it is a visualization


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