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Dragon1 is a complete visual enterprise architecture method with a different view on Architecture and Enterprise Architecture than other traditional enterprise or IT-architecture methods.

Dragon1 is suited to use for visually practising stakeholder and requirements management, design and realization of structures such as enterprises, businesses, information facilities and IT-Infrastructures. Dragon1 is also suited for integral solutions such as business processes and information systems.


How the open method Dragon1 is build up

Dragon1-model 4 Ways in one View

The structure of the method Dragon1 includes four 'ways' that are briefly described in the model 'Four-Ways'.

Dragon1 identifies a way of thinking: How do we (management and architects) look at certain themes in an enterprise and enterprise architecture? What is our vision on it?

The Way of Working: How and in what way do we carry out architecture process activites and to what results or architecture products does it lead?

Way of Representing: How do the results of visual enterprise architecture exactly look like? How are they build?

And the Way of Supporting: What kind of supporting architecture product-means are available to the practitioner of the method?

Dragon1 Way of Thinking

Dragon1-model Way of Thinking Detailled Framework
  • A Way of Thinking is an aspect area of a method that focusses on the different visions concerning several themes or concepts.

The first part of Dragon1 is the Way of Thinking. The Dragon1 Way of Thinking consists of eight Dragon1-concepts. For every concept Dragon1 has its own specific view and vision.

While making archiitecture designs and for creating architectures, the architect needs look at and follow a certain approach according to Dragon1 for concepts and principles, meta models, architectures, architecture designs, enterprises as structures, integral solutions, human Measures and the strategic organization of architecture. The way Dragon1 approaches this is described in the 'Dragon1 Way of Working'.

Dragon1 Way of Working

Dragon1-model Way of Working Detailled Framework
  • A Way of Working is an aspect area of amethod that deals with the various ways of working with architecture in the organization.

The second part of Dragon1 is the Way of Working. TheDragon1 Way of working just like the Way of Thinking, consists of eight Dragon1-concepten. With every concept Dragon1 gives direction and set examples how stakeholders in the enterprise can collaborate working with architecture. The Dragon1 Way of Working helps the architect to create the correct architecture products and in particular architecture visualizations that are maximal and optimal aligned to the needs for information and decision of stakeholders, their viewpoints and concerns.

During the making of architecture designs and the creation of architectures, the architect should according to Dragon1 use a certain design strategy and a certain architecture role playing, try to get design assignment na te streven, volgens gestandaardiseerde working processes and deliver architecture products via several architecture services. The Dragon1 Architecture Maturity of an organization grows, as the architecture organization develops and practices working with architecture during several years. In what way Dragon1 advises to do all is, is described in the Dragon1 Way of Working.

Dragon1 Way of Representing

Dragon1-model Way of Representing Detailled Framework
  • A Way of Representing is an aspect area of a method that addresses the different ways of representing c.q. visualizing based on different concepts and principles.

The third part of Dragon1 is the Way of Representing. The Dragon1 Way of Representing just like the way of thinking and way of working exists out of eight concepts. The way of representing of Dragon1 makes it clear how an architect at best kan present directions of solutions in architecture designs and architectures so that an owner-client can take the right decision.

By making an architecture design and creating an architecture, the architect, according to dragon1 should make certain types of visualizations, maken certain architecture models, work with certain viewpoints, create certain architecture views and perspectives, use Visualization Design Principles and document architecture descriptions. The information needs to be presented nicely in an architecture view layout and be organized and administered in architecture dossiers.

The way Dragon1 proposes architecture to be visualized is described in the 'Dragon1 Way of Representing'.

Dragon1 Way of Supporting

Dragon1-model way of Supporting Detailled Framework
  • A Way of Supporting is an aspect area of a method that deals with various way of support with certain means and materials.

The fourth part of Dragon1 is the Way of Supporting. The Dragon1 Way of Supporting, just like the other ways consists of eight Dragon1-concepts. The Way of Supporting makes it clear how Dragon1 supports the working with visual enterprise architecture with numerous of materials and means.

By creating an architecture design and creating an architecture the architect according to Dragon1, is supported with a een glossary, symbolset, digital tools, reference posters, documentsjablonen, checklists, development- and maintenance organization and certification and accreditation.

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