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What are Enterprises as Structures ?

In Dragon1 a structure is defined as a system which combines or even melts three dimensions of construction, operation and decoration.

An enterprise-structure is defined as the system that compromises the whole of the enterprise and combines three dimensions of enterprise-construction, enterprise-operation and enterprise-decoration.

Why do Architects work with Enterprises as Structures ?

Architects design infrastructural services which they fill structures with, so users like customers and employees can do their thing using the services in/off the structures.

If an architect looks at an enterprise as structure he can then design the enterprise focussed on the three dimensions.

For instance some enterprise concepts are more constructional concepts, some are more operational concepts and some are more decorational concepts. Although almost every enterprise concept contains one of the dimensions prominent and the other two secundair.

A structure does not need to have the physical three dimensions of width, height and depth.

This gives room to recognize the following general structures within an enterprise:

  • Governance
  • Business
  • Information Facilities - the set of information systems
  • IT-Infrastructure

Often architects draw an AS-IS and TO-BE environment structure vision and enteprise structure vision to get a grip or hold of the structures to be analyses, designed or improved.

A Dragon1 reference model for Enterprises as Structures


  • Single Business Enterprise - procurement, production, sales is done in one business.
  • Six Business Enterprise - procurement, R&D, production, sales & marketing, customer care is done in seperate business, other operations are stalled in a facility business
  • Multi Business Enterprise - the enterprise is whole of non-collaborating business and the presence of numerous overlapping operations.
  • Shared Services Enterprise - all business make more or less use of a shared service center (business) to focus on their core-operations.
  • Federated Enterprise - the enterprise is a collection of collaborating business each of them having unique non-overlapping operations.

ALso ther are global enterprises and local enterprises.

Examples of Enterprises as Structures

An example of an enterprise-construction concept is: Working with Headoffices per local-market

An example of an enterprise-operation concept is: Acquisition and Merger of new Businesses

An example of an enterprise-decoration concept is: Branding and Labeling

An example environment structure vision: ..see image..

An example enterprise structure vision: ..see image..

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