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Glossary of Terms

Main Concept and Principle

Enterprise Architecture Description Language (EADL)

In Dragon1 we have defined two files formats .dragon1 and .d1

  1. .dragon1 is an open file format contains readable XML/XMI text
  2. .d1 is a Dragon1 proprietary file format and contains binary information

In Dragon1 we have specified .dragon1 to enable vendor independent exchange of architecture information.

Basically it comes down to that information is structured like this in files:

<ENTITY class="PROCESS" type1="primary" type2="business" name="Procurement"> <ATTR id=001 name="descr" value="This is a primary business process called Procurement" /> </ENTITY>



From the Dragon1 Wiki a free viewer can be downloaded to view .dragon1 and .d1 files.

Overview of Concepts and Principles

Reference Models

Rules and Guidelines

Example Products (Documents and Visualizations)


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