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Being the most important brick of the Wall of Architecture, principles are in Enterprise Architecture also the most misunderstood brick.

Too often principles are just statements, nothing more than words on a piece of paper, not having any effect on anything whatsoever.

But this never should have to be the case.

A huge problem of nowadays is that many architects label rules, norms, guidelines, requirements, goals, objectives and starting points as principle.

But that takes away the backup (the principle as ratio) underlying that rule, ending up with no-one ever complying to rules or using guidelines.

The first step in having principles that matter or used is to uncover them and then formulate them correctly.

And by allready only doing this, it will result in an effect, for instance that rules and guidelines are derived from it taking the principle into account.

Following is the Dragon1 Open Standard for architecture principles shining a light on uncovering principles (the way things works) and how to formulate them and next how to formulate rules and guidelines so you take the principles that matter into account.

Also the open standard covers how to select the principles that matter regarding strategy, requirements of goals for (re)designing, realizing and implementing new enterprise structures or solution structures at high quality and performance. Because that is what Enterprise Architecture is about.

We hope you enjoy rewriting your principles the Dragon1 and share your experience with in Social Media and on the monthly Dragon1 Knowledge Events. You can mail your experiences and findings also directly to the Dragon1 Architecture Foundation info@dragon1.org and have them used to improve Dragon1.

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