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What are the Dragon1 Open Standards ?

Dragon1 is a complete method made easier to apply by a division into twenty open standards. An open standard is itself a very important concept in the method. It forms a mainstay underneath many other concepts in the method.

Overview of Dragon1 Open Standards

Below is a list of current open standards in Dragon1

Candidate Open Standards are

On the website [www.dragon1.org] the official list of open standards is updated annually.

Because the world does not stand still every year open standards are updated to the new situation. Strictly the following rule is applied on this: Only things proven in practice and not only in theory may be used to complement en extend an open standard.

Why does the method contain open standards?

Dragon1 is an open method and contains several open standards. This means that the method is free to use according to the rules laid down by the Dragon1 Architecture Foundation in compliance with the rules governing open standards, including "creative comments".

In Dragon1 it was decided to work with Dragon1 open standards because it makes it easier to have a wider use the method in practice. The method will in this way also improve and develop more freely. Continuously improvements and extensions will be applied enhancing the quality and performance of the method and it's individual open standards.

Why work with open standards?

Organisation want to have succes in their innovation and projects. If these are complex and extensive a lot of time and money is concerned with it, working with an open standards a way of having an risk-insurance. Also an organisation does not want a group of suppliers to have commercial gain or extensive influence on the development of the method that is used strategicly. This would block the free development of the method.

Structure of an open standard

Every open standard consists of a combination of 'Way of Working', Way of Thinking', 'Way of Representing', 'Way of Supporting' around several coherent Dragon1 concepts. the results in every open standaard to hacve: a glossary of terms, reference models, example visualizations, articles, document temmplates and checklists.