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Dragon1, your start in Visual Enterprise Architecture

If you are interested to learn and use Dragon1, the open EA Method we have the following starter procedure for you.

You can do a lot of things with Dragon1, the open EA Method.

Dragon1 can be used to create complete enterprise architecture dossiers and reference architectures, separate architectures and separate architecture products.

Dragon1 can be used to implement the process of working with enterprise architecture in every project or to use it just for one project.

Dragon1 can be used to run a project or audit a project or system that has been designed or realized.

Dragon1 Starter Procedure

The Steps

The steps of the Dragon1 Starter Procedure are:

  • We would advice you to first watch the presentation about What is Dragon1.
  • And then second to create the most important architecture products for an architecture dossier and for an architecture.
  • During this you can read the Dragon1 Fundamentals text book.
  • The architecture products at best can be created in the dragon1.com EA Tool.
  • We also advice to join the dragon1 Community and participate in the Dragon1 EA User Group Event.

In this way you will get familiar with various parts of the method and know when to use Dragon1 for what.

The Links

Link Step 1: here is the link to the presentation about Dragon1, Open EA Method.

Link Step 2a: here is the link to a sample Dragon1 Architecture Dossier.

Link Step 2b: here is the link to a sample Dragon1 Architecture.

Link Step 2c: here is the link to a sample Dragon1 Architecture Product.

Link Step 3: here is the link to the Dragon1 Fundamentals Textbook (preview)

Link Step 4: here is the link to the cloud-based Dragon1 EA Tool

Link Step 5: here is a link to the Dragon1 community. Watch when the next event in your country or closeby will take place.

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